Who is selling this stuff


My name is Javier, I am 41 and an absolute devotee of the Dungeons and Dragons game. In my spare time I run an online marketing company, and 5 years ago I founded and funded the now biggest boardgame and roleplaying game association in Madrid, with over a hundred members: http://www.mecatolrex.com

In the recent years I have taken a special interest on how the world had adopted this game, and I focused my research, my travels and my acquisitions, on international/foreign editions of the game.

I have been an avid d&d player since 1985 and throughout these years I have been collecting everything related to this the greatest game of all. I have traveled to remote areas, delved into the most obscure bookstores, and dealt with truly, TRULY weird folks to get my mitts on this stuff you can find here.

Regardless of your interest on acquiring these rare items, if you are perusing these pages, chances are you are also a lover of this game. My warmest welcome.

If you are interested in contacting me you can do so on the links at the page footer.

Thanks for visiting OD&Dities.